Benefits of Getting Your Flu Vaccine

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We want nothing more than for our clients to be happy and healthy, and with flu season in full swing, getting your flu shot is of the utmost importance. While there are certainly two schools of thought on the topic — whether to get vaccinated or not — for this blog, we have decided to provide you with a helpful resource of reasons why you should get your flu vaccination this season. Read on to discover the importance of why you should get your flu vaccine!

Times Have Changed, Shots Aren’t Painful

While many people have a wide variety of reasons for avoiding getting a flu shot, one of the most common concerns has to do with the painful nature of getting a vaccine. Sure, there was a time when needles were large, invasive and painful, but times have changed and medical technology has progressed. Today, needles are much smaller and much less invasive than they once were, resulting in an injection that will feel like little more than a slight prick in your arm. For those of you who completely avoid needles and injections altogether, you’re in luck — seasonal flu shots are now also available as a nasal mist, meaning you don’t have to deal with needles of any kind!

The Flu Isn’t Worth It

The short amount of time that it takes for you to get vaccinated certainly outweighs the days or in some cases weeks of struggle, missed work and discomfort that getting the flu can bring. The amount of contact we make with people on a daily basis, as well as facilities like restrooms, gyms and public transportation all increase our chances of contracting the flu. The amount of scenarios in which we could feasibly contract the virus are numerous; don’t risk your chances and get vaccinated.

Getting Vaccinated is Now Easier Than Ever

There once was a time when getting a flu shot meant making an appointment with your doctor and planning far in advance to do so. Because of the commonality of the flu virus and the public’s desire to protect themselves from it, the ease of getting vaccinated is as high as it’s ever been. No longer relegated solely to doctor’s offices, you can now get vaccinated at many major pharmacies, including CVS, Target and Rite Aid. Many of these places make getting your flu shot even more convenient by offering walk-in vaccinations, meaning you can run errands and get vaccinated all in the same day. Convenient and painless!

Those are just a few reasons as to why you should get your flu vaccination this season. At Marketplace Agency, we want our clients to be in the best of health, but for those times when you inevitably do fall ill, we are here for you, providing the greater Harrisonburg area with high quality and affordable healthcare insurance options. For more information about our Medicare, Medigap, Medicaid Insurance plans, as well as others, contact Marketplace Agency and Elder Care Associates today!