Spring Allergy Tips, Part One

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Spring is here, and with spring comes allergy season. The warmer temperatures are always a nice change, but the itching, sneezing and watering eyes are not always ideal. With this in mind, in part one of our blog series, we will look at a few things that you can do to help make allergy season a little easier to handle.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is always a great way to welcome in the season. Not only does this help you clear your home of some of the clutter that you may have amassed in the winter months, but can also make your home a place that’s cleaner and free of allergens if done correctly. Wiping down surfaces, vacuuming carpets and rugs, mopping floors, as well as sweeping and dusting are all great ways to ensure that your home is truly clean and isn’t contributing to your overall allergy symptoms. Make sure that your kitchens and bathrooms are also cleaned regularly, as things like excess moisture are easy ways for mold to develop, something that commonly can cause your allergy symptoms to flare up.

Laundry Tips

Keeping with the spring cleaning theme, making sure that you’re laundering your clothes and bedding properly is another way to help ease the effects of spring allergies. If you find yourself having sensitive skin or being bothered by scents, investing in a dye- and fragrance-free laundry detergent will help keep your clothes fresh and clean without anything that could feasibly cause you any sort of irritation. When washing your bedding, wash your sheets, pillowcases, comforters and duvet covers in hot water as opposed to cold. This will help remove any allergens that may be lingering, effectively removing them and leaving your bedding feeling as fresh and clean as ever. Additionally, hanging your laundry in the sun, while easy and effective, can actually be detrimental to those of you trying to reduce the effects of spring allergies. By leaving your clothes, towels and bedding outside, you’re actually allowing allergens and pollen to attach themselves to them, defeating the purpose of doing laundry in the first place. Use your dryer or hang laundry to dry indoors to ensure that they will be clean and irritant-free.

Avoid Open Windows and Doors

We all know the temptation of wanting to open up the windows and doors the moment that the temperature starts to rise a little. While there’s nothing quite like fresh air, doing so can actually increase your instances of spring-related indoor allergies. By opening up your windows and doors, you are actually allowing more allergens and pollen into your home and letting them circulate in your home’s air supply. We understand the need for fresh air, however, so if you must do so, do it in the early afternoon. Pollen levels peak in the  early mornings, and while pollen may not be completely absent during other parts of the day, opening your windows and doors at times when it is less prevalent will decrease the amount of allergy-related irritation that you experience.

Find A Harrisonburg Senior Medical Insurance Plan

Those are just a few examples of things that you can do to reduce the effects of allergies this spring. At Marketplace Agency and Elder Care Associates, we want nothing more than for our clients to be in the best of health. We provide you with resources like these, but what we do best is help Harrisonburg residents find excellent senior health insurance plans. Whether you’re looking for a Medicare, Medicaid or Medigap insurance plan, our experienced staff are here to help you find a medical insurance plan that best suits your needs. We shall continue this in part two of our blog series, but until then, contact Marketplace Agency today for all of your Harrison senior medical insurance needs.

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