Senior Slip and Fall Prevention, Part Two

Marketplace Agency and Elder Care Associates is proud to have served seniors in the Shenandoah Valley with high-quality Medicare, Medigap and Medicaid insurance plans for the last thirty years. As the world continues to change, our mission remains the same — providing you with the best plans that perfectly suit your needs. Whether you’ve recently turned 65 or 75, we are here to find the best plan for you. No plan is one size fits all, and we treat every one of our clients as an individual, working hard to help them find a plan that is best for them on an individual level. Service is key, and we work hard to make sure that you receive the absolute best service from us. To find out more information or to speak with one of our Professional Agents, contact Marketplace Agency and Elder Care Associates today.

In our previous post, we talked about a few things that you can do to make your home slip proof. Wrapping things up, here are just a few more tips on things that you can do to decrease your risk of slipping and falling at home.

Wood flooring is gorgeous and gives a room a sense of elegance and openness. In time, however, floorboards have a tendency to become worn, cracked and unstable. With instability comes the risk of tripping and falling, as the floor is no longer as even as it once was, posing a real threat to you while walking on or near them. Repairing broken or cracked floorboards is a great way to decrease this risk, but an even better way to ensure that your safety is not at risk is to replace the hardwood floor with carpeting. While it may not provide the room with the same sort of aesthetic as hardwood flooring, carpeting is a far more stable flooring option. By replacing unstable hardwood flooring with carpeting, you will greatly reduce your risk of slipping and falling in that room.

Finally, as we stated earlier, slipping and falling is never planned and usually happens on accident. While your bathrooms and staircases can be easily equipped to become more slip-proof, the probability of accidents can also be reduced in other parts of your home by ensuring that there’s nothing currently in your room that could cause you to accidentally slip and fall. Area rugs, while beautiful and classy, can pose a rather significant threat to your safety if not secured properly. This doesn’t mean that you have to completely get rid of all rugs in your home, however. What’s important is that you make sure that all and any rugs are stable, loose and can provide you with an adequate amount of stability when walked upon. Attaching either a slip-resistant backing or double sided tape to the underside of your rugs will allow them to adhere better to the floor, ensuring that they won’t move around unexpectedly while being walked on.

Making your home slip proof is incredibly important in trying to avoid slipping and falling in your home. Accidents do happen, however, and in times like that, you can take comfort in knowing that Marketplace Agency and Elder Care Associates is providing you with high-quality medical insurance. We are proud to provide seniors in the greater Harrisonburg area with high quality Medicaid, Medicare and Medigap insurance plans. Our Professional Agents work hard to help you find a plan that perfectly suits your needs. To find out more information about our Harrisonburg senior insurance agency or to find a plan that works best for you, contact Marketplace Agency & Elder Care Associates today.

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