The Benefits of Having a Medical Alert System

At Marketplace Agency and Elder Care Associates, it is of the highest importance that our clients are in good health and safe. For the last 40 years, we have been helping people find health insurance plans that best suit their life, family and medical needs. To this day, we take pride in knowing that we provide those clients with the same level of care and attention that we did on day one. For all of your Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, elder care insurance needs and more, contact us today, we’d be more than happy to help you find a plan that’s perfect for you!

As we grow older, we are sometimes unable to maintain the same level of independence we once did. This isn’t something to be ashamed of as it happens to us all, and ignoring it is something that could feasibly put us in quite a bit of danger. Thankfully, we don’t have to live in danger, as medical alert systems allow us access to help when we need it most. Gone are the days of “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” Medical alert systems are a great resource for people both young and old, and in some cases, parents use them as a precautionary measure with young children. A medical alert system could save your life, and here are a few examples how having one can be advantageous to you.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Earlier, we talked about the importance maintaining our independence as we grow older, and of course, nothing feels better than being self sufficient and being able to take care of oneself. However, accidents happen to all people of all ages, not just seniors. In a situation like this, wouldn’t you rather be safe and have access to help than not? We all slip, trip and fall from time to time, and while some of us are luckier than others, why take the risk? Getting a medical alert system can help you in those rare occurrences and you’ll be glad you got one if you find yourself in one.

Put Your Children and Loved Ones At Ease

One of the great things about having access to a medical alert system is the round-the-clock safety that it provides a person. As we grow older, the likelihood of accidents increases, and while your children and loved ones can’t monitor your behavior at all times, a medical alert system provides both you and your loved ones with a sense of relief, knowing that, if an accident were to happen, you now have access to help at all times, and that you can speak to a live trained professional if necessary.

You Have an Existing Medical Condition

If you have an existing medical condition that may require semi-regular attention, you are a perfect candidate for using a medical alert system. Whether it’s something like diabetes, alzheimer’s or a heart or respiratory condition, these are all things that require a higher than average level of attention. As our loved ones can’t always be available to take care of us when needed, having a medical alert system puts you at an advantage, ensuring that your medical needs and/or emergencies will not go unnoticed.

Live at Home for a Longer Amount of Time

While some of us enjoy the luxury of independent living for longer than others, one of the largest reasons why people are put in assisted living facilities has to do with their children or loved ones deciding that they are unable to take care of themselves on their own. While the higher probability of accidents also plays into this decision, at the end of the day, many people put their parents or loved ones in assisted living facilities out of fear that they may not be able to take care of themselves if they were to experience an accident or medical emergency. Studies have shown that a fear of falling plays largely into a person’s decision to put their parent or loved one in an assisted living facility, but studies have also shown that those with medical alert systems continue to live independently for longer before eventually entering an assisted living facility.

These are just four reasons as to how having a medical alert system can greatly benefit you and increase your quality of life overall. Wouldn’t you rather live safely, knowing that if something were to happen that you wouldn’t be left without help? At Marketplace Agency and Elder Care Associates, we want our customers to be in good health and happiness and are living the lives they want to live. We help you find a plan that best suits your life and medical needs so that you can continue to live your life happily, knowing that you have access to high quality and affordable health insurance. For more information about our Medicare, Medicaid and Medigap plans, contact Marketplace Agency and Elder Care Associates today.

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