Winter Health Tips : Staying Hydrated

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With colder winter temperatures come a wide variety of unique health related problems. While there are a wide variety of winter-related health issues, from lowered immunity to sore joints to an increased risk of slipping and falling, winter is a time where we should certainly take extra care of ourselves. While no problem is foolproof, surprisingly, one of the best ways to deal with all the woes of winter is simple – increasing your water intake.

We’ve all heard the common statistic of doctors telling us to drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day. While we’ve certainly discussed the importance of drinking water in previous blogs, the power of water is truly something magical. In this blog, we will look at a wide variety of benefits that you will experience in increasing your water intake during the cold winter months.

Keep Your Winter Weight Gain To a Minimum

With winter comes less activity, and although we’ve advised in previous blogs to stay active during the winter, sometimes it’s just not always that easy to make that trek to the gym in the harsh cold. Along with a decrease in activity comes an increase of rich foods. The holidays bring delicious foods with them, and while these are arguably some of the best parts of the end of the year, they can definitely contribute to our winter weight gain.

With that in mind, when we aren’t keeping ourselves hydrated and drinking adequate amounts of water, our bodies don’t have enough energy needed to process fatty foods. By drinking adequate water during the winter, we are actually helping our bodies stay energized and flush out toxins, break down fats and maintain a healthy metabolism.

Avoid Dehydration

While this one may seem a little bit on the obvious side, dehydration in winter comes with its own specific set of problems. Being dehydrated doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re thirsty or your throat is dry. Specifically in winter, many signs of dehydration come to the surface, ranging from acne, dry skin, chapped lips, headaches, nosebleeds and more. By increasing your water intake, you will greatly reduce the instances of these symptoms, amongst many others.

Help With Digestion

While this is something that drinking adequate amounts of water will aid with, regardless of season, we have a tendency to eat more in the winter. From the increase of foods during the holidays to the general increase of eating as a result of staying indoors, staying hydrated will help us with digestion. With a healthy digestive system, you also can experience a decreased level of susceptibility to various winter time illnesses.

Those are just a few ways that staying hydrated can help you out this winter. At Marketplace Agency, we are here to help you stay healthy during all seasons, not just winter. Our Professional Agents work hard to help you find a healthcare plan that perfectly suits the needs of you and your family. For more information about our Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap Insurance plans, elder care services and more, contact Marketplace Agency and Elder Care Associates today!

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