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Helpful Tips to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

At Marketplace Agency and Elder Care Associates, we have been providing the greater Harrisonburg area with high quality health insurance coverage. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality customer service that the industry has to offer, and our professional agents work hard to help you find a plan that perfectly fits the […]

Do I Need Vision Correction? 5 Quick and Easy Ways to See How

At Marketplace Agency and Elder Care Associates, we are committed to providing you, the customer, with the highest quality health insurance. Our agents work closely with you to find the plans that work best for you individually. We put our clients’ interests first and have been providing clients with affordable health insurance options for the […]

The ACA may create a new and dynamic employee relationship.

A recent report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) details that the amount of labor supplied would fall by 2% from the effects of ACA. Their analyses concluded that many employees would reduce their time, or even quit working entirely, if they didn’t rely on their employer-provided health insurance so heavily. This reduction in the […]

If you are aging into Medicare, start reviewing your plans early to avoid delayed coverage!

People aging in to Medicare, turning 65, must review both their retirement and Medicare plans to know when to enroll and what coverage to choose. Everyone’s retirement situation is unique. Even a husband & wife will need two separate plans to meet the needs of each individual’s situation. If you draw your Social Security income […]

Obamacare, ACA, Healthcare Reform, the Affordable Care Act, whatever you want to call it…

The way we all get our health insurance is going to change. Americans will all be required to obtain coverage that meets Essential Minimum Coverage standards, or pay a penalty. Beginning in 2014, the penalty for an individual is $95 or 1% of their household income, whichever is greater. By 2016 the penalty for an […]